10 Ways to Make Extra Money from Home


Making extra money is becoming easier and easier these days. If you don’t think so let me explain. Earning extra income still takes time and effort but it is easier, especially if you are internet savvy. But even if you’re not there are so many opportunities for you to make extra money for yourself or your family.

10 Ways to make extra money:

1. Swagbucks– Swagbucks is a very easy site navigate where a user can find videos on numerous topics, coupons, deals, and links to shop online at everyday stores like Walmart. As a user interacts with the website the user earns points that can be redeemed in many different ways for real gift cards or money via PayPal.Join Swagbucks!

You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at Swagbucks.com

2. Donate Plasma– Donating plasma is a great way to earn extra income while helping others that need people like you and me to donate to help literally save their lives. Disclaimer: remember to do your research before donating to insure your own safety, as well as the safety of those who receive the donations. There are many different restrictions on medical history- so read through all the safety restrictions. If interested you can find out more by clicking here.

3. Blogging– I highly recommend this… Obviously 🙂 … Blogging is awesome. I absolutely love it. Blogging is perfect for moms that stay home because you can work on your blog whenever you have time. It’s very flexible and fun. My friend, Suzi, has a great course on monetizing your blog. To read more about the blog course click here.

4. Babysit– Do you love children? Do you have a background in education? If so, then babysitting maybe the perfect fit for you to make some additional income for your family. This is a great way to help out fellow parents while helping your family. This would be a great fit for parents with only one child to provide your little one with more socialization and potential friends.

5. Have an online garage sell– Are you a hoarder? Do you want to declutter your life? Social media makes this so easy these days. There are countless swap pages in most cities. Having an online garage sell is the perfect way to bypass the mess of a traditional garage sale. This is the perfect way to clean the clutter out of your home and make extra money at the same time.

6. Sell on Etsy– Do you love to do crafts? Do you have a hobby to build? Selling on Etsy is a perfect option for anyone who loves crafts. There are many different categories that you can sell projects on Etsy. The one thing to consider is that to make a profit from this option you have to have a decent amount of time to devote to your very own Etsy shop. To start your very own Etsy shop click here. 

7. Write an eBook– Do you love to write? Writing an ebook may be for you. I personally love this option. I am currently working on two ebooks myself. Stay tuned to pressonmedia.net to be one of the first to receive a copy of my ebooks.

8. Teach an online course– Do you have an education background? Do you have a hobby that many want to learn about? There are many different platforms available to where you can create your very own online course. This can make a big difference in your finances.

9. Sell Photos on stock photo websites– Do you love photography? Selling photos to websites like istockphotos.com may be for you. It’s as simple as taking your camera with you on your walk. Put your hobby to use for your pocketbook.

10. Become an Uber driver– Do you love to drive? Do you know your way around the town you live in? Becoming an Uber driver in your spare time may be a good option for you. Drive your way to more income. To learn more about Uber click here.


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