$20 Date Night Ideas that Will Save Your Budget

Date night is absolutely vital to a thriving relationship. For those of us with kids, date night looks a lot different than it did before kids, but not just because of the babysitting cost. I have come to find that when kids are added to the family the kids take most of the budget. However, that still doesn’t change that husbands and wives need to make time for each other a priority, even if it is just investing $20 a month for a simple date night.

That $20 a month would be well invested. It could be the difference between happily ever after or the signing of papers.

As parents, we shouldn’t feel guilty for that $20 a month. When we are investing and speaking life into our spouses our children see how God intended marriage to be a reflection of Him.

It is important to make our own marriage a priority every day. To invest time into the relationship.

It’s the simple dates we will remember most. Make the most of every moment you have with your husband. Even one simple date can be a marriage changer.

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