About Me

Hello there. My name is Cassie. I’m a mom, lover of all things Disney, photography fanatic, and a follower of Jesus. I have three beautiful redheads that are my world. I love being a mom. There is no greater joy that the Lord has given me in this life than to be a mom. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges, because there definitely daily challenges with my three. I have one with autism and one with ADHD. You can follow my parenting journey, as well as get tips for DIY projects and saving money on my blog. But most of all what I hope you get from my blog is the encouragement for this crazy, messy thing we call life.

I love all things in the media realm. I fell in love with writing early on in life. This love of writing only grew with time. Then I went off to college and discovered my love of graphic and web design. I have created and updated many websites since that fateful day in Digital Media 1 class.

I’m excited that you are here. Take a look around. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

Welcome to Press On Media!

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