How to Pray Boldly & Persistently for Your Husband

Marriage is not easy. Those of us who are married know this first hand. There is a reason there is something called the “honeymoon phase”. But we don’t get married just for the honeymoon phase, right? We want a life pleasing to God with the man He gave as our partner in life.

The Tool Many Forget

I believe that one of the most powerful tools we have in our toolbox for marriage is prayer. It’s a tool that is not often used first but it should be.

Is prayer our first line of defense? Or is prayer farther on down the line after we have tried everything else?

I know I am guilty of, at times, running to seek advice from those I trust most instead of running to my Heavenly Father first. Do you struggle with this too? Or is it just me?

In life, we get thrown curve balls- things we didn’t expect to have live through or deal with in life. Jesus told us to expect it. Even in our marriages.

Define your curveballs? Define your husband’s curveball? We all have them. We all have our own personal struggles, big or little they all matter to God.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

The Silenced Missing Piece

Marriage was not designed to be a two-person journey but too often we silence the third part. We are scratching our heads, trying figure out what is missing when the one thing that is missing is the one person we have put on silence and put in a corner so that we can manage our marriage. Don’t put God in a corner when He should be in the center. A great way to get God back in your marriage is to invite Him back. Put Him in the center and just be with Jesus. Yes, It is that simple.

Today I challenge all of us to boldly and persistently pray for our husbands. Being a man of God in today’s world is hard and leading a family in it is even harder. No matter where your husband is at in life your prayers over him can be a game changer in the game of life. 

How do you pray boldly and persistently for your husband?

Praying boldly for our husbands is not about giving God a list of every fault in our husbands that we want Him to fix. We are not filing a complaint with God asking for a recall. It’s about proclaiming the word of God and His promises for our husbands. Lifting our men up in their struggles not tearing them down.

  1. Thank God for your Husband
  2. Pray for your husband’s faith
  3. Pray for your husband’s leadership
  4. Pray for your husband’s career
  5. Pray for your husband’s dreams
  6. Pray for your husband’s relationships
  7. Pray for your husband’s struggles

These 7 tips can be done in many different ways. But once all these tips are put together as you actively pray for your husband he will be covered in prayer in every area of life. For verses to pray over your husband check out the FREE printable Below!!

When your Hubby is an Uber Driver

Recently my husband started driving for Uber in addition to his day job. Let me just tell you right now if you are not ok with late nights this is not for you. Well, I guess that would depend on what type of wife you are. I am probably crazy but I have never been able to go to sleep or really relax until I know he is safe at home.

That being said he does come home with some pretty funny stories. And I have to say after hearing these stories I’m so glad that these people decided to get a ride home safe and sound instead of trying to drive home themselves.

The mission at hand

My husband became an Uber driver as a way to earn extra income for our family. That being said, being an Uber driver is a ministry within itself.  He has driven people from all walks of life. His goal beyond making income is to bring light into the lives of those who ride in his vehicle.

For him to be a blessing to those he gives rides to we make sure the vehicle is clean and equipped with extra phone chargers. It’s little things but I believe the little things make a difference.

When my hubby is Uber driving

I am a pretty silly person in many ways. One way is when my hubby is not at home and I expect him home I can not go to sleep. It’s like engraved in me. My husband uber drives on the weekends between 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.  During this time I typically get caught up on housework, shows my husband doesn’t care for, or work on my blog. So, as you can see I keep myself busy. I try not to waste time. And also if I stay busy I spend less time worrying when it gets later and later.

If you would like to know more about my experience as a wife of an uber driver just let me know by leaving a comment.

$20 Date Night Ideas that Will Save Your Budget

Date night is absolutely vital to a thriving relationship. For those of us with kids, date night looks a lot different than it did before kids, but not just because of the babysitting cost. I have come to find that when kids are added to the family the kids take most of the budget. However, that still doesn’t change that husbands and wives need to make time for each other a priority, even if it is just investing $20 a month for a simple date night.

That $20 a month would be well invested. It could be the difference between happily ever after or the signing of papers.

As parents, we shouldn’t feel guilty for that $20 a month. When we are investing and speaking life into our spouses our children see how God intended marriage to be a reflection of Him.

It is important to make our own marriage a priority every day. To invest time into the relationship.

It’s the simple dates we will remember most. Make the most of every moment you have with your husband. Even one simple date can be a marriage changer.

Gift guide for husbands with every budget in mind

*Contains Affiliate LinksHusbands can be hard to buy for period. When I ask my hubby what he wants for Christmas more often than not it is the same stuff every year. I don’t know about you but I would like a little bit of variety outside of the obvious necessities like clothing while staying on budget. I wanted to compile a list for wives like me who are scratching their heads trying to come up with a good gift idea for husbands.

Gift Guide for Husbands

Outdoor Ideas:

  1. Fishing equipment- Some ideas of good gifts are meters, lure set, Waterproof bag, and Pliers, fish finder.
  2. Hunting equipment-Some ideas for good hunting gifts are a emergency survival kit, hidden camera hunting glasses, camo soda can holster, binoculars, and hunting space heater.
  3. A Tent
  4. A Huge Kite- This may not seem like it’s on the right list but trust me on this one. I got my husband a huge kite as an activity for him to do with our kiddos and my husband loves it.

Electronic Ideas:

  1. iPad or tablet– The choice of an iPad or tablet is really based on preference. I, myself, prefer apple products.
  2. Headphones– These can be good for any one who loves music, videogames or does a lot of work from home.
  3. New video game- Video games are very popular with younger husbands and men in general. There are some pretty good “hubby approved” games out this year.
  4. New phone- Does your hubby like to have a good smartphone. There are always new versions of phones coming out. This maybe the perfect option for you.
  5. Watches– The gift of a watch is a great choice this year. There are several different watches to choose from like apple smart watches, android smart watches, and the classic watches.
  6. Keurig– Most of the time you can’t go wrong with coffee. Right?
  7. Amazon Prime
  8. Amazon Audible– Let your hubby listen to his books in the car on his way to work with audible.

DIY Ideas:

  1. Tools For DIY- To complete the “honey do” list he needs tools, right?
  2. Tool Belt
  3. Sentimental Gift- Are you a writer? Show your appreciation for your hubby with the written word. Did your husband give you a gift while you were dating that stands out to you? If so, put it nicely in a shadow box with a note of your appreciation.
  4. New Daddy Survival kit- in this kit you can be as creative as you want. It can be completely tailored to each individual dad. A simple base line to start your kit could include a laundry basket, safety googles, gloves,  Daddy and me book, a caffeinated drink for the long sleepless nights, a Netflix gift card for at home date nights, and diapers.

Event Ideas:

  1. Tickets to concert
  2. Tickets to a professional sporting event
  3. Tickets to a movie of HIS choosing
  4. Mini Vacation Surprise

Happy Shopping!!

Why do DIY projects?

Why DIY??

Do it yourself projects are becoming more and more popular. DIY projects are fun, creative, and save money. Who doesn’t want to do that?

Why DIY with your spouse?

For about a year my husband and I have shared a hobby of reusing wood pallets to build furniture and décor. It has been awesome to share a common hobby with my hubby. It has given us an outlet to work on communication and our team work skills. And not to mention one more topic we can cover in conversations.

Can you really DIY?

Regardless of the common misconception building can be for anyone willing to put in the effort to have a good outcome. You can do it too. You don’t have to be a rock-star carpenter to have an ending product that you love. Pictures of our projects to come soon.

5 Tips to DIY Pallet Projects

  1. Have a design in mind. This is when Pinterest comes into play. Have fun on Pinterest. Be careful though because I’m proof that Pinterest can produce procrastination in it’s greatest form. Proceed with caution.
  2. Don’t be afraid to mess up. A do over doesn’t mean an unsuccessful project. It’s all about how you look at it. When mistakes happen you will learn how to avoid it or salvage a project going south.
  3. Don’t shy away from making it your own. Be creative! Creativity is the key. This makes all the hard work worth while.
  4. Use reusable pallets or wood pieces. This saves money. Look on craigslist, Facebook swap pages, or ask friends and family to see if anyone has pallets or wood for free or at a low cost.
  5. Enjoy the experience. Have fun and don’t allow yourself to stress. This should be fun.

Get to building!

31 Ways to Encourage your Husband!! FREEBIE!!

A husband’s role to be the leader of his household, I can only imagine, is at times stressful. Watching my husband lead our family through different times I can see the stress and at times a cloud over him.

I have seen how an encouraging word or act can change the way a day is going. There is power God uses in our encouraging words and actions to impact hearts for the better. As wives, we are in the role of the number one encourager for husbands. We also need to use caution to limit criticism of our husbands. In the same way, God can use our encouraging words and actions, Satan can use the negative words or actions. Always aim to encourage. Below are a few ways to encourage your husband.

8 Ways to Encourage Your Husband:

  1. Pray for him
  2. Surprise him
  3. Invest in him
  4. Let him choose a date
  5. Believe in God’s plan for his life
  6. Encourage his friendships
  7. Learn a new subject
  8. Follow his leadership

31 ways to encourage your husband

For 23 more ways to encourage your hubby download the free printable above!