Does your family need to hit the reset button?

Being the CEO of a family can be a challenge. Do you agree? Running a household has many challenges. All these challenges can be simplified by setting priorities for your family. A few years ago my husband and I started reevaluating our family’s priorities every year. It has helped us make a lot of decisions for our family over the years.

How to know if you need to hit the Reset Button?

You may need to hit the reset button if you find yourself constantly on the go, if your kids are involved in every single activity you can squeeze into the waking hours, you find yourself extremely stressed or anxious, or your finances are upside down.

How to Reset Family Priorities?

  1. Define your core values
  2. Define your goals for yourself
  3. Define your goals for your kids
  4. Talk to your spouse or significant other about their goals
  5. Make a realistic plan of action

Define Core Values

Defining core values is your first step. This is when you need to really dig deep within yourself to decide what ultimately drives your every move. We thought initially about our spirituality, beliefs, and/or faith. Going beyond our faith we also thought of core values of honesty, kindness, loyalty, and the golden rule. What are your core values?

Define Your Goals

Defining my goals was a hard step for me. I’m not going to lie. As a mom, I tend to think about my kids before myself. I view my family as my first ministry and always will. It is family first for this mom. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have any other passions or talents in life. And the same goes for you. I’m a full believer in the fact that we have dreams for a reason. My dream is to encourage others through my writing. So what are your dreams? Go ahead and dare to dream.

Define Goals for Kids

Kids are in this mommy’s opinion the biggest blessing a person can receive. Most parents have the same basic goals for their kids, right? Number one, finish high school. Number two, get a good job. And number three, live the American dream. Let’s go deeper than that today. If you didn’t know I am a blessed mom of three young children. Each one of my children is wonderfully made and as individualized plan destined for them. Because my children are so young what they want to be today will change tomorrow.

How do we define individual goals for kids?

  • Talk to your child
    • Talk about core values
    • Talk about your child’s favorite activities or dream.
  • Define strengths and weaknesses to help children grow in both areas
    • Look for ways to help your child grow in areas where he or she thrives
  • Look at your child’s academics
    • Don’t expect perfection, instead; expect your child to give it their very best effort.

Parenting is a crazy rollercoaster because every child is different and handles your reactions differently. Just like every goal in life do not expect yourself to be a perfect parent because there is no such person on earth. Give your child and yourself grace.

Spouse Goals

Encouraging a spouse to reach for and achieve goals is a never-ending task. I am a stay at home mom so my hubby works very hard to provide for our family. Often he gets crazy focused on the need to make an income that he forgets about his future dreams. I know he’s not the only husband that this happens to on occasion. What do you do to encourage your husband or significant other’s dreams? I have made his dream my dream. I sit and daydream with him. I let him know that I’m right there with him till we see his dream through to reality.

Make a Plan of Action

The next step is to make a plan of action. Goals without action are useless, right? Now we are going to make these goals into 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, 1-year, and 5-year goals. The short month goals are designed to help you reset your family’s priorities in any area you feel is needed. The long-term 1-5 year goals are meant to dare you to dream. These goals will only be accomplished if you put in the time and effort to achieve and thrive.

Write Mission Statement

As a CEO of a family, you need a mission statement. A reminder you hang in your home that you see every day. After you design your plan of action think about all the priorities we just discussed to form your family’s very own mission statement.

What is needed to hit the Reset Button?

If you want to change your family life you have to be willing to put in the time and effort, be willing to give up things that you love for people you love more, be willing to walk the walk and put your family first second only to God.

Hit the Reset Button!

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