How to be Fierce in Your “Job Season”?

The Life of Job

We have all walked through seasons in life that were rough and life-altering. God’s servant, Job, was no different. In fact, Job faced a perfect example of a tough season in life. Job was a faithful servant of God and there was one person who hated that was Satan.

Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. God told Satan he could not physically kill Job but that didn’t stop Satan from taking every swing at Job as he could to sway Job to betray God.

Satan’s Actions

Reference- The Book of Job

Actions Against Job’s Household and Property

  • Satan took Job’s oxygen, donkeys, and camels
  • Satan murdered ALL of Job’s servants
  • Satan burned sheep
  • Satan took Job’s children

Actions Against Job’s Body

  • Satan afflicted painful sores all over Job’s body
  • Broken and peeling skin
  • Gaunt Body
  • Unending pain
  • Fever

Actions Against Job’s Mind and Spirit

  • Job was bitter, in constant misery, longed for death
  • Job could not sleep. He had terrifying dreams and visions
  • Job was in shame and fear of God
  • Job was Tormented
  • Job was Alienated by his Wife and other relatives
  • Job lost his dignity

Have you faced a “Job season” in life?

These seasons in life are absolutely gut-wrenching. You know the times I’m talking about right? One bad thing after another happens and you feel like you can’t catch a break. All you want to do is to come up for air.

My “Job Season”

I have been through one “Job season” in my life. My “Job season” caught me off guard. It all pilled up on me to a point where I couldn’t bear the load anymore and I fell to fear and anxiety.

During my “Job Season” my marriage was on extremely rocky ground, my son was having health problems and in and out of the hospital with GI issues, our finances were absolutely in shambles, dealing with anxiety and depression, and anyone and everyone close to me had their opinion about it all.

When this season hit I went into survival mode.

I did what I knew I needed to do to not drowned in this storm.

I knew I needed to remain faithful to my husband no matter what.

I knew I needed to do everything I could for my son to get better.

I knew I needed to eliminate any extras in our budget.

The thing about survival mode is it often leaves out the one person we need to make it through the storm. We leave out God. The one person that can get us through. I often let my pride get in the way. How about you? I think I can do it all but in reality, by myself, I will fall. Don’t get me wrong, I believed God could get me through it but my desire to control everything was not letting go of the reins. So I was praying for God to help but I wasn’t letting go of the control for Him to step in.

Behold, I am vile; what shall I answer thee? I will lay mine hand upon my mouth. ~ Job 40:1-4

In a dark season, it’s easy to be bitter, angry, stressed, tunnel focused, and do it all yourself. Don’t fall to that temptation. Always look to Him for strength and trust Him for the outcome because he has the master roadmap. He already knows what is to come so why wouldn’t we trust Him.

In a “Job Season” we need to remember:

  • Have faith and patience to be blessed
  • Know that Trials do not automatically equal sin. We are often brought to a trail to show us and others His strength and to build our faith. 1 Peter 1:7
  • Satan uses our pain and suffering for his benefit. Job 30:21
  • In the darkest times draw close to God. He knows anyway.  Philippians 4:13
  • Don’t question the creator and the all-knowing father.
  • Look to the people God has placed in your life for support.
  • God can handle your true emotions, even anger. Job argued with God and that was okay. God won’t turn you away. Job 3
  • God hears you. Just because God doesn’t answer your prayer the way you want doesn’t mean He didn’t answer or won’t answer in His timing. Pray without ceasing.
  • Trust God. Trust God. Tust God.

When I think about hard seasons in life I think about following the light (Jesus) through the pitch darkness.

How Job got through his dark season?

  • God showed Job His love for him
  • Job was in continuous prayer
  • Job was faithful

The Light at the END of the Tunnel

  • God BLESSED Job
  • God provided for Job
  • God gave him more beautiful children

If you are facing a “Job Season” be encouraged by the life of Job. He faced tremendous loss at the hands of Satan while remaining faithful to God. Job conquered his dark season with the most powerful flashlight lighting his way, the Heavenly Father.

Let the most powerful flashlight light your way.

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