How to make Crock-Pot Pizza quickly for your family?

Crock-Pot Pizza Recipe

This recipe is a staple in my home. It’s quick. It’s fun. It’s kid-friendly. It takes 20 to 30 minutes of prep time because you will need to cook the noodles and meat beforehand then combine all the ingredients. The dish takes about 2 hours to cook on the high setting.


  1. Pasta noodle
  2. Pasta sauce
  3. Pizza sauce
  4. 2 pounds or ground meat (at least one pound of ground beef)
  5. Pizza toppings
  6. Mozzarella and/ or cheddar cheese (add to taste)
  7. Optional Garlic powder and Italian (seasoning to taste)

The awesome part of this recipe is you can make it your own. Choose everything from the type of noodle all the way to the toppings you put in the crock-pot pizza.

For my family, I stick with the basics because I have kids that are picky eaters. I use medium egg noodles, 2 pounds of ground beef, Preggo pasta and pizza sauce, and pepperonis. This is one recipe I use to get my kids to eat hamburger meat and get a little bit more substance than their typical PB&J.

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