The Deep Valley Year

Has 2018 been a year of conquering mountains or stuck in a deep in a valley?

For me, most of the year has been a pretty deep valley. And I contemplated not saying a word… just skipping over this topic but I feel like it needs to be said if I’m going to call myself an honest lifestyle blogger. 

In 2018 I did something I never ever saw myself doing, I got a divorce. The word divorce, can be a heavy word. And it definitely felt heavy for awhile. Honestly, reaching that point in my marriage was the lowest valley I have ever found myself in life so far. Walking through that pain, mourning, and grieving has been difficult because it was not something I was expecting in life. It was definitely a curve ball.

But even though I was walking through a deep valley, I still had a community around me that helped me keep my focus on all things good. In 2018, I was blessed with family, friends, and a church family that did not allow me to stay down. I had a circle of support around my family as we walked a difficult road.

I feel like deep valleys sometimes are used by Satan to change how we view ourselves. It is so easy to buy into Satan’s lies about who we are. Satan wants us to believe that we are worthless, full of shame, unloveable, unwanted, and even horrible at life. However, that is not what God says. God says that we have worth, that He took our shame, that we are loved and cherished, we are wanted, and that through every single day He is with us. We need to remember to always set our sights on God’s truths about us every day. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We have a purpose designed by God himself. And He is on the ride of life with us. God has something good coming in 2019 and the years to come.

So yes, I am now a single mom. For the most part we have reached a new normal. We are doing pretty well. And 2018 was the hardest year of my life to date but the Good Lord and the circle of support that He put around me have gotten me through and will continue to do so. As a family we are picking up the pieces and letting God put them back together.

God has never and will never fail us. He has plans for all of our lives.

If you are facing a deep valley my best advice and hope for you is that you lean in to the Heavenly Father and find your support circle.

Blessing to all in 2019.