How to create an idea jar to bring simplicity to the simple decisions in life

How to DIY a Family Fun Jar?

What is an idea jar?

An idea jar can help you literally gather your thoughts. I personally made a date night jar and a family fun jar

A family fun jar is a jar full of cool ideas of activities that the family would love to do. Each family can make come up with their own ideas on the definition of “family fun”.  What’s fun for my family may not be fun for your family.

A date night jar is a collection of date night ideas that are unique to the couples likes and dislikes. If you are on a budget you can still do these jars for your family. Simply just have a cap on the spending limit on the ideas in the jars. A good example of this would be a $20 date night. Remember to keep extra paper near the jar’s location to add to the idea jar when inspiration sparks.

An idea jar would be an awesome craft for an inquisitive child to gather his or her ideas or help kids organize their thoughts.

What you will need to make a family fun jar

1. Mason Jar

2. Ribbon & Scissors

3. Paper (make it fun with different colors)

4. Pen

5. Paint Pen

6. Crazy Glue


First, label the jar using the paint pen. I do not have the steadiest of hands so my labels do not look all that pretty but I’m sure yours will look beautiful. If you desire you can also label the lid.

Second, using the crazy glue put the ribbon the side of the lid of the mason jar.

While the jar and lid dry write down your ideas. Do you want a cheat sheet? You can get my family fun day ideas and my date night ideas on below. Save yourself a step.

Sometimes it is the everyday decisions that are the hardest to make. Am I the only one who gets stumped on what to do for a date night or family day? The idea jar has helped take the guessing game out of the simple decisions in life. It brings just a little bit more simplicity to daily life.


How to DIY a Simple Desk

How to DIY a Simple Desk

If you don’t know already I love DIY projects. I think DIY projects are great to do by yourself, as a couple or even carefully as a family.

One of my most recent DIY projects was a very simple desk. This is the very same desk I am typing on top of right now 🙂

What you will need:

  1. Pallets- try to find free pallets before purchasing to cut down on cost. All the pallets I used were free.
  2. 2 4×4 8-10ft pieces
  3. Wood glue
  4. Clamps
  5. 2 or 3 inch screws
  6. Sander or sand it by hand
  7. Screwdriver or power drill

I started off by designing the project first. I recommend always have a base plan that is your jumping off point in a project like a desk or any thing else that may go in your home. I know any time I just jump into a project without planning it usually becomes one of those things that is not out where people can see ever no matter what.

6 Steps to Build Simple DIY Desk

First, measure out and cut pallet pieces to your desired size. Make sure to cut 4 pieces for the frame of your desk top. The frame size will be determined by the size of your desk. The size of your desk is up to you. I decided on 24 inch width and 3ft in height.

Second, on a flat surface place the frame together with wood glue and clamps. Let the frame dry. After that use wood glue to equally place the wood pallet pieces across the frame to form the desk top. Pace clamps on every end of the pallet pieces if possible for the best results. Let the desktop dry.

Third, decide between two options.

Option 1– Build a second desktop to use as a brace for the back two legs of the desk. This will support the structure.

Option 2– Use a 4×4 piece to support the structure.

Fourth, cut the four legs to your desired height.

Fifth, using the power drill or screwdriver screw the legs onto the desktop and attach the second pallet top equally to the back to legs using screws.

And finally, use your sander to smooth out the surface of the pallet tops to your liking.

If you so desire feel free to stain your brand new desk. I personally prefer the natural look.

Happy DIY Building!