The Road to Turn Good Intentions into an Intentional Life

Living with good intentions. Is that enough? Have we been put on this earth just to live with our good intentions and accept whatever the outcome happens to be? I say no, living with good intentions is not enough.

We were all created in His image. Jesus never said, “well, I tried.” He did what God commanded him and saved the world. There were no excuses to be had. No emergency exits taken.

When Good Intentions Go Bad

It is so easy to let those good intentions go to the wayside without intentionality.

Answer these three questions: What are your dreams? What are you called to do? What are your struggles?

Too often we lose the battle to life’s struggles, quit our dreams, or ignore the call on our lives because of our very own good intentions. Good intentions start off great but most of the time get warped into the very excuses we use as our emergency exit. My prime example of this is my children, “Oh the kids need me to do this instead so I won’t write today.”

So what do good intentions with intentionality look like? Intentionality means taking action. If we don’t act on those good intentions they will never grow to be more than a 10-second thought in our minds. Without action our struggles will never be conquered, dreams will die, and the call on our life will go unanswered.

Intentionally Fight

We all face struggles in life. The bible says,”In this life, you will face trouble, but take heart I have overcome the world.” We all have trials. No one is exempt from them. Trials in life are never easy and are usually bigger than anyone would prefer, right? However, the fact that is often forgotten is that our God is bigger than any mountain we will ever face. He alone can conquer all.

With God, you can overcome anxiety.

With God, your marriage can be restored.

With God, you can fight addiction.

With God, you can overcome physical pain.

With God, you can be financially free.

With God, you can lead your children.

You catch my drift, right? With God, ALL things are POSSIBLE!!!

It’s easy to let wounds in life paralyze you from continuing the fight. Put in the work to fight your battles. Do not lose heart. You are not alone. God brought you to it and HE ALONE can get you through it.

No matter what you are fighting GOD is bigger.

Intentionally Dream

Dare to dream. In today’s world, it’s so easy to settle and to give way to the love of our worldly things instead of dreaming. What do I mean by that? Caring more about the American dream more than your own uniquely designed dream. Are you living for God or the world?

God created every part of us, including our dreams. So, the man that dreamed that one man alone could save a sinful world created and planted your dream inside of you. WOW! Your dreams are meant to be more than just a distraction from the world but to be a rooted part of your purpose.

Intentionally Answer the Call

When someone calls us on the telephone we generally pick up right away, right? So why do we linger with God’s call on our lives? Are God’s calls intercepted by the world? It’s too easy to let our struggles or day to day responsibilities become the emergency exit to answering God’s call on our life.

Is God calling you to serve within your church? Is God calling you to serve your community more? Whatever you are being called to do God will give you the strength and the resources to do it. We are all called to be the feet of Christ. How are you going to walk for Jesus today?


Will you answer the call God has for your life or leave God on Hold?


Live Intentionally with Action

Puting action to good intentions is the cure to the sometimes dead-end road of good intentions. Creating an action plan to tackle your goals and enlisting prayer warriors to pray for your good intentions is a great first step.

The rest is up to you. Do you want to continue living a life of good intentions or do you want to turn those good intentions into reality?