DIY Kitchen Table

DIY Kitchen Table

When we moved into our new house we wanted to replace our kitchen table with one that would fit better in the space. After doing price comparisons we decided to invest in a long lasting table that we remember forever.

Before making your list of supplies you will need to decide on a few things.

The first decision is the size of table. Make sure to take into account chair space (this may not be as big of an issue if you are planning to put the table on wheels). Our table size is 6′ by 5’7”.

The second decision you will need to decide on is type of wood. We went with cedar because we liked the look of it with the metal pipes.

What you will need:

  1. 6 pieces of 8ft by 1ft by 1inch (This will all depend on your design of table and size)
  2. 3 2in by 1in by 8ft (This will all depend on your design of table and size)
  3. 3/4 inch Metal Pipes- (4 18inches long pipes, 4 24 in. long pipes, 4 3/4 nipple pipe pieces, 1 5ft pipe, 6 T pipes, and pipe footers) (This will all depend on your design of table and size)
  4. 4 wheels that lock- Optional
  5. Sander (Sand Paper)
  6. Stain
  7. Poly



Step one: Cut 8’x1’x1″ long pieces according to your design or plan. I cut the pieces 6 ft long.

Step two: cut 8’x1″x2″  down to 5′

Step three: Use wood glue and screws to fasten the planks together with the cross supports

Step four: Sand wood surface smooth with 220 grit sand paper (I recommend a electric sander)

Step five: Stain to desired color and then polly to seal wood from water and help prevent scratches. Hint: I would give the table a couple days to allow stain and polly to dry fully before screwing the top onto the legs.

Step six: While waiting for the table to dry begin putting legs together start with center cross support pipe by put a t-pipe at each end, then put an 18″ pipe off each side of t-pipe with t-pipe on each end of the 18” pipes. Then have nipple pipe pointing up on each t-pipe. Next have 24″ pipe going down from each t-pipe, then place pipe fotters at end of each nipple pipe and 24″ pipe. Finally, square up to get leges all sitting flat and place wheels on bottom to allow for easy movement.

Step seven: Center the table top on legs and drill pilot holes for screws being careful not to drill all the way through the table (hint: use tape on drill bit to make it easy to tell when to stop drilling)

Step eight: Finalize the project by crewing the table top to legs

This was the first DIY project for our new home. We love our new table. Look for our next DIY project soon.

Life happens around the table in our home. I’m excited to sit around our new table.