5 Tips to Surviving When the Whole Family is Sick

5 Tips to Surviving When the Whole Family is Sick

So this past week my family has been on the mend from every last one of us getting sick, including me. Needless to say, I’m so glad we are all better in time for Christmas.

There are many things that I did to survive the hurricane of sickness that hit my family. The past couple of weeks I have been to urgent care twice with two kiddos but besides that I have a system in place to survive times like this.

5 Tips to Surviving the Sick Week in Your House

1. Have plenty of easy-to-make groceries on hand, including drinks like gatorade

2. Be prepared for many movie days- if you homeschool take the school day off

3. Have medicines you maybe taking to help combat symptoms on hand (i.e. Tylenol)

4. Sanitize as much as possible and have good hand washing practices in the family.

5. Be gracious to not only your family, but yourself as well

I have put these tips to good use recently with my own family.

Some easy to make meals are Campbell’s soups and ramen noodles. An extra tip- make sure to have bread for toast, saltine crackers, and sprite (gingerale or sierra mist) at the ready. Everyone has their own favorite meal to have when sick. Mine happens to be chicken and dumplings.

Making sick days tolerable for the whole family can be tough. I suggest family friendly movies for entertainment, especially if your kids are like mine in that the second they get too active when sick that seems to make things way worse. Choose family favorites like Frozen, Wreck-it-Ralph, and Cars 1, 2 or 3. During nap time I always enjoy a good chickflic when I’m sick

Sanitizing the home is pretty important when you have a sick household. Everyone has their favorite cleaning products. During a sick week is the perfect time to use them, I typically start with the laundry specifically the bedding, and move to surfaces that are touched or used the most (i.e. bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, and finally the deep clean the kitchen)

Above all, we need to take care of ourselves and have grace for ourselves. Grace is essitenal to surviving a week of sickness in a family.